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Removed and Replace Whole Roof in Indianapolis IN

Removed and Replace Whole Roof in Indianapolis IN

Project Overview:

Capital Pro Roofing successfully completed a comprehensive shingle removal and residential roof replacement project for a residential property located in Indianapolis, IN. The project involved the meticulous removal of the existing roof shingles followed by the installation of high-quality replacement shingles.

Project Details:

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Scope of Work: Removal and replacement of roof shingles

Duration: 1 Day

Team: Experienced roofing professionals from Capital Pro Roofing

Materials Used: GAF Timberline 30 Year Shingles

Challenges: Capped outdated box vents and added more efficient ridge vent for better airflow

Outcome: A newly installed, aesthetically pleasing roof that enhances the property's curb appeal and provides long-lasting protection against the elements.

Project Highlights:

Professionalism: Capital Pro Roofing's team demonstrated professionalism and expertise throughout the project, ensuring efficient and precise execution of all tasks.

Quality Assurance: Stringent quality control measures were implemented to guarantee the installation of durable and resilient roofing materials, enhancing the longevity of the roof.

Client Satisfaction: The client was highly satisfied with the final results, appreciating the attention to detail and craftsmanship exhibited by Capital Pro Roofing's team.


Capital Pro Roofing's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction was evident in the successful completion of the Indianapolis roof replacement project. By delivering superior quality workmanship and utilizing premium materials, Capital Pro Roofing continues to uphold its reputation as a trusted leader in the roofing industry.

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